From homeless and hopeless to having a home and having hope 

Mr H had spent a lot of his childhood in care and had spent most of the last four years of his life homeless. Mr H, in his 20s, had arrived seven days previously in Blackburn. On the eighth day he came in to the Care Network Hub and presented himself as homeless. Helpdesk staff used their informal conversational approach to understand and listen to his story. Over the following few months the Care Network Hub helpdesk staff supported him to get in touch with specialist agencies who could support him to build a better life for himself.

Mr H loves nature, animals and intrinsically wants to do well by people ‘I’ve had a bad life and I don’t like seeing other people going through the same’. He said he isn’t interested in partying like some of his peers, he wanted to make good life choices and to do that he needed to be given the chance.

The initial work coordinated by the Care Network Hub has put him in touch with the right agencies and this has led to an appropriate level of involvement by services. In response to this customer’s situation the Care Network Hub supported him to access;

  • Newground, Engaging Vulnerable Young People: Who will take an ongoing lead role, providing intensive support into independence
  • Blackburn with Darwen Housing Needs: An appointment was made to register the customer homeless and find him emergency accommodation. Newground supported him to attend
  • Nightsafe: Mr H accessed the day centre where he had access to showers and a hot lunchtime meal, when space became available he was provided with short term emergency accommodation
  • Transforming Lives: Mr H was referred to panel where multiagency input was coordinated and a lead agency identified to provide ongoing support
  • Foyer: Newground helped secure an interview for longer term housing within the Foyer project which he was supported to attend by Care Network’s Community Connector

At the Transforming Lives panel meeting, Newground were identified to take a lead role in the coordination and delivery of an intensive support plan. The key worker aims to help Mr H;

  • to learn life skills, and more, so that he can live independently, happily and safely
  • to secure a long term tenancy to ensure he has a roof over his head long term
  • grab life chances and opportunities so that he can reach his full potential
  • reach for and maintain good emotional wellbeing, mental and physical health
  • integrate into the community with the aim of him contributing fully to society

The coordination that a referral to Transforming Lives offered and the subsequent work delivered by Care Network’s Community Connections and Newground has been a catalyst in this customer’s future journey and his recovery from a traumatic childhood. The further links to local services and ongoing support offered by all agencies has and is very much transforming his life. At the start of a new chapter, Mr H is happy with his progress, can now build a life and a future, make new friendships, develop his skills and learn.

Without the help and support given I would still be on the streets, would have had no one to talk to and would be very frustrated and angry. I didn’t know who to trust, I had lost trust, and I have now found people who I can trust; my key worker and staff at the Care Network Hub. I’ve now got a home, I have enrolled on a course at college and have a promising future ahead of me. I’m looking forward to starting college and to learn, learn, learn!