Kevin is 75 years old, lives alone, and doesn’t have the internet. He keeps an eye on his spending, including rising fuel bills.

Back in summer 2018, Kevin received advice and support direct from our Healthy Homes team at Care Network Hub. Equipped with his recent fuel statement, a whole market comparison was completed at the hub, with the best tariff identified. Kevin took the information home, and with the support of his son, contacted the fuel provider to switch to a cheaper tariff.

Like many, due to lockdown, and being in the 70+ age group, Kevin has been staying at home. He has been keeping his heating on longer than usual, to stay warm throughout the day. The tariff we had previously supported him was coming to an end, so Kevin rang Care Network to get advice and support.

To save £200 a year on Kevin's fuel bills, Care Network’s Healthy Homes Officer; 

  • helped to identify the current cost of his tariff including current kilowatt-per-hour (kwh), daily standing charge for both gas and electric as well as exit fee charges
  • informed Kevin about both paper / paperless billing options and discussed the benefits of smart metres, all of which contribute to reducing costs
  • carried out research to provide him with details of different tariffs and the amount of money he could save
  • provided impartial advice to help identify the best tariff for him
  • explained the terms of the tariff, and gave the contact number of the comparison site, explaining that he can’t go directly to the fuel provider
  • double-checked that the offer was still available and explained where it could be found so that Kevin, after being told the deal wasn’t available, could make sure the comparison site staff found and honoured the advertised deal.
Aims and Objectives of Service

Kevin wanted to continue to receive bills through the post, the 12 month fixed tariff he chose was on the condition of having a smart meter installed. It is understood that people age 65+ are likely to pay higher prices than others as they are less likely to use the internet and therefore comparison sites.

The new tariff will save me almost £200 this year. I can’t believe you knew more about the comparison site than their own telephone operator did. Imagine that! Thank you for your help, once again

Adjustments to service delivery during COVID-19

Our Healthy Homes service is usually offered during a home visit, but local man Kevin has been supported twice by our team away from his home. Our flexibility around how we deliver the Healthy Homes service, has meant that throughout COVID-19, we’ve continued to be able to advise our clients appropriately, and from a safe distance.

Supporting residents to keep warm and healthy homes

As the Home Improvement Agency for Blackburn with Darwen, Care Network's Healthy Homes team offer residents various forms of support to help people achieve warmer and more economical homes.

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