Positive changes and reintegration with the wider community - a case study

A key worker supporting a resident with complex mental health needs in his mid-50s came into the Care Network Hub and spoke with staff about what activities were happening locally.

The client was reluctant to come in and had decided to stay outside the centre. Helpdesk staff spent a little time with the key worker, however were keen to speak to her client directly and so encouraged him to come in to the centre so that they could have a chat and find out a little more about his interests and signpost to the most appropriate activities.

The resident was shy and quite nervous. Helpdesk staff put him at ease with an informal and encouraging approach. They introduced the customer to the service, some of the staff and volunteers and told him what he could access by coming and speaking to us as well as explaining some of the services who are regularly here each month.

The customer obviously had a great relationship with his key worker. She was working with him on an individual recovery plan with a person centred approach. The Care Network Hub service contributed to that plan and also providing him with a go-to place that he could access independently, in the future, if he so wished.

The customer wasn’t IT savvy and wanted to get out and about more, as a first step they discussed activity within the Care Network Hub and encouraged him to have a think about what he was most interested in.

After the conversation the client accompanied by his support worker has accessed the following groups at the Care Network Hub:

  • This is IT course: The customer joined This is IT, to learn the basics of using a computer and the internet in an intimate non intimidating environment
  • Relax and Chat: The customer had decided that he felt quite at ease at This is IT and since then has been attending the social group, getting involved in the activities and meeting new people.
  • Positive Minds: The customer also took a leaflet to consider which courses to enrol on.

Aims and Objectives of Service

Staying independent, Self-directed support and peer support, Positive mental health and stress management, What's on in your community, Support for people with a disability, Support for people living with long term health conditions.

Health and Wellbeing

The customer said that he feels more independent, more confident, has improved wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. He says that he is feeling happier, less anxious and stressed and is feeling more connected with his community and other people.

Coming in to the Care Network Hub has taught me that I can push myself and I can do it, all the staff have been nice and approachable. The anxiety might come back. It’s the fear of the unknown with me. I’m learning to talk to people. I’m learning new things. I’m stopping being so paranoid. This is the happiest time of my life.