How To Boost Your Health & Wellbeing...

We've pulled together a useful selection of resources, ideas & services in BwD that can help to improve your mood & wellbeing, get you out more, find ways to meet new people & access the support you need, when you need, to live your best life...

  • Bangor Street Community Centre ☕ Stay Warm

During colder periods you can pop in to Bangor Street Community Centre for a hot drink at their Community Cafe. Simply ask at reception (go as many times as you need).

Walking is perfect for all ages & abilities. It improves your health & wellbeing & enables you to discover new areas to explore right on your doorstep. Just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise like walking can benefit your health a great deal.

There's a strong link between between food & mental health. Research shows that eating well can improve your sense of wellbeing & your mood. This video offers tips & advice on how to make small changes to your eating habits.

Why not join one of our regular, welcoming groups at Care Network Hub? A safe, warm place to make friends, access support & make your voices heard! See our upcoming events here.

February 1st was 'Time To Talk Day', but we want to keep conversations about how we are feeling & mental health going year-round. It's important that we talk about our mental health & access support when we need it. Help is available for everyone from Mind, Samaritans, Rethink Mental Illness & many more...

Visit Be Well BwD for a detailed list of local services

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