Mrs K’s story

Local resident Mrs K has lived in Blackburn since she was in her twenties. Mrs K has always been an independent and proud woman with a strong work ethic, working day and night shifts full time, in a hard, manual role, while bringing up her three children as a single parent.

Mrs K was one of two women out of over 200 staff doing that particular role, and retired after over 22 years of service due to ill health. Now in her late 60s, she lives in that same house, the home that she worked all those hours to pay the mortgage for, the home where she raised her children and where she has so many happy memories.

To this day, she remains house proud, family focused and active in the local community, however her health is deteriorating and she feels more vulnerable.

Care Network - supporting you to maintain and stay safe at home

Mrs K has used Care Network’s Safe Trader Scheme for the last six years for jobs she needs to keep her home well-maintained and safe, she has used the painting and decorating service, joinery for a new shed, handy person service to mount her television on the walls, roofer to do some work on her chimney and replace slates, builder to help with some damp and more recently to install CCTV.

Care Network’s supporting your wellbeing at Care Network Hub

Mrs K often comes into the Care Network Hub when she needs emotional or practical support. She often comes in when life throws her a curve ball. She has been referred for assistive technology, she has received help with family matters and personal matters and when she has had problems with nuisance neighbours

I’ve always got somewhere to come, if something is getting me down, you can always help. It does me good to offload and get things off my chest. I know that if I’m worried, even if it’s just to sound off, whoever is here, you will help.

Over the years she has received guidance, information and referrals for many situations as well as face to face reassurance from a service and staff that she trusts.

Care Network working in our community

Over the last few years Mrs K has had difficulties with nuisance neighbours. At one stage groups of young adults were hanging around her street in groups which she found intimidating. More recently, children have been throwing bricks at her wall and using ‘atrocious language’. Mrs K came in to the Care Network Hub visibly upset and feeling distressed. The help she received help led to support in her community. Mrs K’s local neighbourhood officer and PCSO now visit her regularly - is preventing anti-social behaviour as well as helping her feel like she isn’t facing these problems on her own. A broken window next door has been bordered up, making the street feel safer.

Health and wellbeing

Without you, I’d have no one to turn to. This is my first port of call for anything. If you don’t know you’ll always make the effort to find out, you always call me back, I’m not left thinking that nobody is bothered about me. My conditions won’t improve but my wellbeing has. I have peace of mind knowing that you’re there for me.
Aims and Objectives of Service
  • staying independent
  • home safety and maintenance
  • self-directed support and peer support
  • positive mental health and stress management
  • what's on in our community
  • health and social care advice
  • support for people living with long term health conditions