At the point of accessing Care Network Hub, Dan was feeling suicidal. Nine months before, his employment had come to an end, and he had remained unemployed since then. During this time his relationship broke down with his wife and he moved out of the family home, living away from his son and stepdaughter.

His income was much lower from not earning and being on benefits for the first time and Dan was struggling financially. He had a lot more time on his hands than he was used to and was spending most days on his own. dan explains ‘I felt like my life was falling apart. If I hadn’t made that choice that day I would probably have gone home and done something stupid.’

Summary and approach

When Dan first walked through the door staff provided the space and opportunity for him to tell his story and more importantly be listened to. Questions were asked about Dan’s short and long term aspirations and support was then provided from Care Network and partners so he could work towards achieving these. Dan recalls walking into Care Network Hub for the first time 'I walked through the doors and I had loads of doubt, I thought about running out, but I sat down and opened up and spoke about everything. I cried, I got very emotional about a lot of things for the first time in my life. I was made to feel like I meant something straight away.'

In response to Dan’s situation Care Network supported him through their Keeping Well project, he was supported to access the following;

  • More Positive Together, Newground, Employment Support and Work Club: Newground offered Dan an employment advisor, support with his CV and a mentor to talk about his aspirations. After working with him for only a few months Dan has been supported to identify a new career path and has been offered a job.
  • Lancashire Mind – Wellbeing Coach: Dan accessed a number of sessions to upskill him with techniques to manage stress, low mood and anxiety. They also looked at goal setting for establishing better routines. ‘The lack of routine was really bad for me.’
  • Care Network, Community Gapper: A primary point of contact was made available to Dan for any ongoing concerns.
  • Care Network Hub - Volunteering: Dan started to support some of the weekly social groups, giving his time and connecting with others has helped him with his mental health ‘I’m helping people, talking to people, connecting with people. I found it therapeutic to give support to others.’

Care Network and partners collectively focussed on:

  • creating a routine
  • encouraging him to leave the house daily
  • participate in meaningful activity
  • connecting with others
  • setting and achieving personal goals
Health and Wellbeing

Dan explains that the service acted like a life line for him during some difficult times and has been instrumental in turning his life around. He is delighted, as are everyone who worked with Dan, that he has been recently offered a job.

'I’m glad I stayed. It’s helped get me back on the right path again. I absolutely love the Care Network Hub. People genuinely want to know how you are doing, I hope it continues to be here so it can help more people. There’s nowhere like this anywhere else.'

Keeping Well Project Outcomes
  • working age adults who are needing motivation and support to change behaviors alongside reducing isolation.
  • the third sector offer in improving resilience, wellbeing and self-care of residents with significant health and social care needs.
  • supporting residents to stay out of statutory health and social care.
  • providing a community based, early intervention service that aims to teach people self-care and coping skills for care coordination and wrap around support preventing people’s health and social care needs escalating.