Partner and Stakeholder Survey (2023/24) – Feedback

In December 2023 we sent out our questionnaire to a range of partners, funders, stakeholders and providers to ask them how they felt about working with Care Network.

We received 33 responses who gave some excellent feedback about us.

All partners who completed the questionnaire gave us very positive responses about our services and partnership working.

In terms of our relationships with partners, 91% of responses rated us as Excellent or Good, the majority being excellent.

100% of partners told us that their experience of working with Care Network was Excellent or Good, the majority being excellent.

100% of partners feel that our services are responsive and accessible and are happy with the quality of the support we provide to them and customers.

Below are the things that partners and stakeholders value the most about Care Network:

A great partner that makes a real difference to residents' lives.

Your staff that forward us the leads.

Openness, kindness, sharing, compassion, commitment, and empowerment they share and provide to others.

The excellent communication between myself and Care Network staff.

Friendly and welcoming staff and the people who use The Hub for activities are all very well mannered. 

Open network.

They care.

The individuals who continue the day to day work.

Giving our clients the best possible service.

Friendly helpful kind.

Helping people with problems.

Care Network provides help and support to people in BwD area who would otherwise struggle to access this type of service elsewhere.

The people we deal with absolutely great people.

The excellent service they provide.

It’s a place for people to gather information and support to improve their quality of life.
For agencies it’s a way of getting information to the people who need it.

The referrals we receive.

The can do and caring attitude of all that work there.

Valued the support around the housing support also value the contribution to neighbourhood working.

Friendly staff and easy to get along with.

It's a one stop shop for those who need it most.

Support via INT for patients and families.

The places we can signpost to 

Information about community services, safe tradesman, groups for local people.

They are quick to respond and carers find their support very valuable.

The professional relationships that have been built over the years, there is always a swift response to any query we have,
and the way that each member of staff shows genuine care for the individual receiving support. 

The approachable staff and the Partnership Boards.

Lovely friendly helpful staff, nice safe place to meet my clients. Private space to talk to clients.
Great that I can make a brew and have my lunch in the kitchen area too. My best working days are at Care Network Hub.

Communication with the leadership and team and collaborative working.

Approachable and knowledgeable staff.

Work with adults with LD is really supportive.

The availability of work.

Regular staff members who know what I am talking about. The consistency of the team is really important.

Doing the drop in at Care Network Hub


Below are the things that partners think we do well:

Collaborative working.

Forwarding leads.

Engagement and striving to better the lives of people with learning disability and autism.

Always there to help and nothing is too much bother.

I receive up to date emails regularly regarding any changes to the service.


Good communication and offering meetings or training.

Great communication skills. 

Clear instructions to contact the clients.

Keeping in touch and up to date with availability etc.

Offer a good description and clear contact information. Always contactable by telephone allowing a smooth transition with the customer.

Good communication and clear instructions.

Keeping us informed.

Provides me with good work

Brings agencies together to share information and reduce duplication.

Care Network are very helpful and supportive.

Adaptable and willing to work above and beyond for the services that they provide.  Always thinking forward.

Contributes to neighbourhood working.

Easy email.

Great communication.

Attend INT meetings - verbalise their support and offer.

Meet ups and attending team meetings.

Provides relevant information. 

Attend MDT's - Responsive to referrals.

Allowing other services to utilise your space at Care Network Hub to see people in a safe environment (for both the professional and the individual).
Also, the communication and information sharing between partners, and promotion of all services in the Borough.

They are inclusive and friendly.

Lots of knowledge and good promotion of other services.

Responsive and available, solution focused and want the best for residents.

Co-design and collab working.

Open and committed.


Works well at the Partnership Boards as it knows about lots of different services.

Signposting and making referrals.


And how they think we can improve.

It's already excellent!

Maybe a little more detail, if possible, about the potential clients.

To carry on engaging others and sharing best practice, being responsive to what is shared with them by the experts.

It can't everything working fine.

They are already doing an amazing job.

I’m ok with everything.


It is already a brilliant partnership.

Passing the referrals to the company with the right skill set.

I’d say perhaps how we receive referrals.

I'm happy.

I am very satisfied with the current service.

Telling the customers it’s not a free service and we need to make a living.

By giving me more work.

Regular informal meetings with relevant partners.

Doing very well.

Not really, we work very well with them.

Distill the number of offers in a meaningful way so can be conveyed in an impactful way.


I'm more than happy with the way things are.

Promote their service to Health and Social Care partners via team meetings, engagement at PCN etc. 

Regular contact so we know what’s on each season especially for household support.

Care Network welcomes the social work team to touch base 1 morning per week and provide a direct response to the local people.

At times we receive referrals according to the felt need of family members without the service user consent or desire to engage.
This is something difficult to navigate and not necessarily something that can improve due to complex nature of communication
between family and service users and third parties.

Continue to provide an excellent service to the people of the Borough.

I don't think they can improve.

Very happy thank you.

Keep doing what you do.

Work more with children services and the Family Hubs.

Everything is fine.

None, happy with service you provide.


The website and monthly bulletins/newsletters are the most popular channels of communication with partners. Only approx 36% of partners are regularly engaging with our social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

This is how partners felt we could improve our communications with them.

None, it's good.

Phone calls as well as emails maybe ?

I do not feel they need to improve this for the involvement I have with the service as a LeDeR reviewer.

It can't because everything works fine.

I already receive regular updates.

I like emails.

Communication is good.

Perhaps a ‘ text ‘ service where ‘ less ‘ important information is communicated increasing efficiency. 

Communication is very satisfactory.

I would find receiving referrals via text or WhatsApp better. With work and life being really busy I’d pick up and remember referrals
more as I use text and WhatsApp every day. Receiving so many emails daily sometimes referrals get lost in the list.
I’ve never gone over the 5 day contact, but sometimes emails can get forgotten.

I think its fine how it is now.

Email communication is fine for me. Occasionally I receive contact directly by phone. This arrangement works for me.

Stay the same.

They can’t.

Would like to receive the monthly bulletin.

None, excellent communication.

Communication is not an issue they are very accessible.

Quarterly or 6 monthly updates to neighbourhoods around any support offers/changes to support.


They're very good at communicating.

Bulletin, newsletter.

Regular weekly or monthly newsletters with updated events etc.

Strive to keep working relationships with the social work team moving forward.

Not sure.

Communication is already very strong - we have members of staff who utilise the Hub on a regular basis,
and they tend to share any updates and information that you have.

Maybe share information between the staff members.

All good.

Usually communicate directly with the team via e-mail and phone, which suits me.

Outreach service from our 4 family hubs to the parents and carers of the Borough.


We received some great final comments:

A really valued partner.  Keep up the good work.

No, in the last year we have been very happy with Care Network.

Thank you to the team, there are many experts by experience who feel supported. Well done to you all.

Excellent staff and management of the whole care network organisation.

Possibly more advertising with the public.

My experience so far with Care Network has been great. Some lovely customers. The Hub are always lovely to speak to.
Really appreciate the steady flow of referrals being passed to me. 

I’m happy to work for a great service.

Great service, friendly helpful volunteers and staff - thank you.

Just a great team James and Debbie and the rest of the team will go above and beyond to make sure that they are accommodating
to the needs of their service users. Creating a fun and safe environment for them to air any views and make
friends and enjoy themselves.

Great service which we use.

Things are continuously changing so a newsletter would be good.

I hope Adult Services and Children Services can come together and offer services through the various hubs across the Borough.

Excellent team always helpful and willing.

Care Network are a very useful service.

Been another great year working with you all, thank you.

Thank you for your support.


Areas for Improvement

We are very pleased with the feedback we have received and will continue to work with our partners and stakeholders to deliver an excellent standard of services. Taking on board some of the comment that we received we will:

·        Promote our service more to Health and Social Care partners via team meetings, engagement at PCN etc

·        Explore the feasibility of communicating with providers via text or WhatsApp