To ensure the safety of all during the ever-changing situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) Care Network has made the following changes to it's services

  • Care Network Hub is closed for face to face appointments and group activity
  • Home visits have been temporarily put on hold for our Healthy Homes service
  • We are ensuring our Safe Trader Scheme is adhering to government guidance on social distancing and hygiene

Our actions during this time are to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing. We want to reassure you that continuing to provide a responsive and effective service that meets customers’ needs, safely, is a priority for us.

Care Network continues to provide…

Information and signposting

Don't struggle alone, if there's things you need practically or emotionally, get in touch with us. We're working closely with partners to find out about current and changing local activity. We can also provide information on national phone lines and online services to support your health, wellbeing and independence. If we don’t know the current state of play of some services, as always, we promise to find out and get back to you. 

Safe Trader Scheme

We are now only passing on referrals for essential works and services. When customers contact the helpdesk, we will ascertain that the service/work is essential. Emergency works and services include, but are not limited to:

  • repair of broken boilers, cookers, electrical repairs
  • safety & security
  • shopping & food delivery services
  • any other services/work deemed essential/necessary e.g. leaks through ceiling or burst pipe

We're in touch with our local safe traders daily to make sure we know about any changes to their services. We are asking that both our trades people and our customers follow government advice around social distancing to make sure that services are being delivered safely. We ask both our traders and customers;

  • to observe government guidance on social distancing, as well as handwashing and respiratory hygiene as detailed on 
  • where possible, to remain in a different room and to arrange payment without the need for close contact
Healthy Homes

We’re doing all we can to provide advice over the phone and support any energy and fuel tariff enquiries.

Ways to get in touch...

If you need any services or support you can call us, message us, or fill out a self-referral form and we will get in touch with you.

  • Safe Trader Scheme: 01254 507255 (option 1)
  • Information and Signposting Service: 01254 507255 (option 2)
  • Healthy Homes: 01254 507255 (option 2)
  • Click here to make an online referrals 
  • Email enquiries: [email protected]
  • Facebook and twitter messaging - get in touch with us on social media 
  • Call backs: if you or someone you know doesn’t have credit let us know via any of the means above and we can call you
Stay safe - guidance from NHS

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourselves and others, we ask that anyone showing the symptoms of coronavirus follows official advice

NHS coronavirus advice available in 34 languages 

Take care and keep in touch.