Congratulations to everyone that successfully completed their Digital Lifelines course at The Hub this spring!

Our team have been running a series of sessions for a number of months now, supporting people with autism and learning disabilities to learn computer and mouse skills, build their confidence online and help with accessing digital services.

The sessions were deliviered on both a one-to-one and group basis, with occassional assesments to see how well our group members had remembered their new digital skills.

After lots of hard work, our first Digital Lifelines course has now been completed!

We recently held a special awards ceremony to celebrate the group's success. We're so impressed with how well everyone has progressed...

Well done to each of you that took part in our first course. And a big thank you to Hussain, Fatiha & The Hub Team for hosting the sessions and the awards.

Please stay posted for details with us on any future Digital Lifelines sessions.