On 17 November the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced changes to how the UK Government will support households with their energy bills from April 2023 onwards. This included:

  • Reducing the support provided through the Energy Price Guarantee. From April, it will ensure that a typical household can expect to pay £3000 per year for their energy (this is a reduction in support, with the scheme currently ensuring a typical household can expect to pay £2500 per year.) This will be in place until April 2024.
  • Cost of living payments to be spread throughout 2023-24 in several payments totalling:
  • £900 for households in receipt of means-tested benefits
  • £300 to pensioners
  • £150 to households in receipt of disability benefits
  • Increasing the Alternative Fuel Payment for households off the gas grid by £100 to £200 and ensuring that all households in Northern Ireland receive this £200 payment.
  • Increasing the funding for the Household Support Fund by £1 billion for local authorities to support those in need.

We understand that many people in BwD, and across the UK, are struggling due to rising living and energy costs.

If you are worried about energy bills or have questions on how the planned changes may affect you, our fiendly team are here to offer free guidance to all local residents.

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You can also visit the Money Saving Expert website to access a useful selection of energy bills advice, guides and money saving tips.