The recent budget cuts to social and healthcare funding has proved challenging to local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups, but this has brought innovation and changes which involve the alignment of commissioning, this is more efficient, better value and easier to assess successes and failures.

The focus will be on providing whole of life plans where appropriate, that strengthen independence, choice and control.  Outcomes should be person centred and measurable with individuals having support to provide quality feedback. Providers should be accountable, and ensure feedback is accurate. Individuals should be supported to give honest feedback without fear of reprisals.

 Commissioning should be explicitly human rights aligned and ensure there are co-commissioners that have learning disabilities and co-commissioners with autism. Specific participatory budgeting alongside a local inclusive growth agenda which will present challenges but also opportunities to work together as a community on a shared vision for a truly inclusive borough.

Since April 2014, people eligible for NHS continuing health care have the right to request a personal health budget so access to this service should be available and a realistic choice allowing individuals to make an informed decision on who, how and what their package of care looks like should be offered.