The Covid Community Champion is a volunteer scheme in Blackburn with Darwen, that will run while lockdown lifts during spring / summer 2021. 

Over the pandemic, many have struggled and our lives have changed. What we can and can't do has changed. We've lost people and  we've lost jobs and many people's emotional, mental and physical health has been affected. 

We want as many of you to join us and make sure as many people as possible in Blackburn with Darwen understand the key facts about Covid, current government guidance, and what we all can do now to be healthy]ier not that lockdown is lifting. 

Carole explains what is involved... 

What is a Covid Community Champion?

Covid Community Champions are volunteers that will help to pass on correct information to make sure that everyone in our community remains healthy, safe and well. As a champion you will volunteer to pass information on for the benefit of people you are in touch with. This might be your family, your neighbours, your friends and colleagues, or other people you talk to in your day-to-day life. 

Saving lives 

Covid Community Champion's are people who care and who want to make a difference. Volunteering to be a Champion will help everyone in our borough understand key health messages about covid as well as positive activities and opportunities happening locally for healthy minds and lives, and will potentially help save people's lives. 

Trustworthy and accessible information to keep everyone healthy and safe

We want as many people as possible in our borough to have access to trustworthy, accessible and correct information, know the current rules and the key facts about coronavirus, the vaccine and what we can all do to readjust to a 'new normal'. 

Learning Difficulties and Disabilities and Autism

Autistic people, as well as anyone with learning difficulties and disabilities, or any other additional needs, as well as people whose first language isn't English, have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 

We want to make sure that the most vulnerable and isolated are reached and understand what they should and shouldn't do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

We want to work with you to ensure that everyone knows how to protect themselves, and instead of only some of our community staying safe, we all do. 

Through the scheme we will provide reliable information, increase motivation and enable access to the right support available locally. 

We also want to find out more about what people’s barriers and worries are so that we know what we can do to help people better. 

Worries and disagreements 

We recognise that there is often debate and sometimes disagreement. The role of a champion is to tell people what the rules are so that more people can apply them to their everyday lives. This information needs to be shared in a way that people understand. It is almost always easier if things are explained by someone you know and trust.  

If somebody is incorrect, simply signpost to the correct information. This is to ensure that key messages are not undermined.  You must not apply your own interpretation of the guidelines – if in doubt, please ask us for clarification.

What's involved 

As a Community Champion, we will make sure you know the facts and have correct information which you can share with your friends, family, people you work with and neighbours.  You can share this in whichever way you feel comfortable with, all that we ask is that any information or advice you circulate comes from the council or the government and you do not make political statements in respect of the Coronavirus arrangements. 

We need you to feedback to us once every two weeks to tell us how it is going, how many people you have spoken to and how, you might decide to shared an email, post on Facebook or had a conversation with the taxi driver on the way to town.  We also want to know what you think is working and what you think isn’t, then we can let the council and the government know and things can be changed.

Training for you

With training and support from Care Network and other key colleagues working in health and social care across our borough, we will do all we can to provide training in a format that is best for you, such as a video or on paper in easy read or in different languages. You will also learn about health and wellbeing that may be of benefit to you as well as the people you talk to and share information with. 


As a thank you for this really important work towards ensuring the safety of as many people in our community as possible, we have some great incentives. The champions who spread the word the furthest will get contributions towards gym memberships and college courses, afternoon teas, Blackburn Rovers tickets, Haircuts and more. 

Get in touch

If you would like to know more and sign up for this very important yet not difficult role please get in touch to find out more.

Email: [email protected]  or  [email protected]

Tel: 01254 507255 

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