Let's all work together to make sure everyone remains healthy and well through the winter.

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Past issues 

Issue 16

Information on Lateral Flow Testing sites for people who need to leave home and who don't have C-19 symptoms, as well as other support linked to family support and half term. 

Issue 15 - Reaching out for help

So many charities support the health and wellbeing of the borough - if you can muster the motivation to reach out it could lead to a whole host of support that you might not know is available. Give us a try and see for yourself. 

Issue 14 - support

Carers support, older peoples support and support for any problems that have arisen due to Covid and the lockdown. 

Issue 13 - learning something new

Online courses and learning for all ages

Issue 12 - New year, new you

Employment support, getting in to volunteering and learning something new

Issue 11 - Christmas holidays

Support between Christmas and New Year. 

Issue 10 - Help for the pressures of Christmas 

Getting ready for Christmas, things to do and services to support

Issue 9 - suicide prevention and mental health

Feeling isolated and unable to open up about feelings, here's a snapshot of just a few help and advice lines for mental health and suicide prevention. You're strong enough to face it all even if it doesn't feel like it now. There is always help available, always reach out and ask for help if you need it. 

Issue 8 - keeping warm

Fuel poverty is when people can’t afford to heat their home to an adequate and healthy temperature. This is influenced by three factors; low-incomes, high energy costs, and energy inefficient homes. Get in touch to access help and support. 

Issue 7 - self-care

Lockdown, winter and the clocks going back can all have an impact on our wellbeing and it is very important to look after ourselves so we can take care of others. There are many organisations offering support, and ideas on how we can embed the five ways to wellbeing into everyday life to keep our bodies and minds well.

Issue 6 

Keeping warm is important during the cold weather especially for young children and older people. Issue 6 highlights lots of advice and support available. Best place to start though is Care Networks' own Healthy Homes project. Call us on 01254 507255

Issue 5 pg 1 Issue 5 pg 2 

A reminder of some of the local services that remain contactable and who continue to offer support, advice and guidance so everyone can stay safe and well during lockdown.

Issue 4 - Autumn and Halloween theme

Online social groups, courses and crafting for all ages as well as things you can do at home to keep yourself safe and well.

Issue 3 - support to get online 

Services and support to get you online - from young people to older people like Ron - there's support available for all ages. 

Issue 2 - healthy minds

Groups and courses to introduce you to ways to maintain better mental health. Just like John.

Issue 1 - welcome 

Welcome and thank you for signing up to be a Winter Wellbeing Warrior. This first issue highlights how people can volunteer to be part of The Grit Squad.